How You Can
Support CATCH

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Your donation to CATCH helps make it possible for us to provide services to those young people most in need in our community.

Link House established CATCH (Children and Teens Center for Help) in 2022 in response to the well-documented mental health crisis among children and teens in our community and beyond. Of the young people we serve, 95% are from low-income households, and while MassHealth reimbursements cover a significant portion of their care, we look to compassionate and generous community members to make up the difference, as well as to provide supplemental programs such as support groups for non-binary and transgender youth.

To make a gift, click on the link below and select “CATCH” from the “Type of Donation” drop-down menu.


Your contributions have an immediate impact towards supporting our mission, providing high quality services, and directly helping people.

For questions about ways to support CATCH, please contact Susannah Abbott

Link House Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 charity and all donations are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Our tax ID is 04-2498329.