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Our Impact

Recent studies by Essex County Asset Builder Network of young people in the towns of Amesbury, Georgetown, Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury and Newburyport show that 21% struggle with depression and 11% had reported a suicide attempt. The crisis is compounded by a shortage of mental health care providers, particularly those accepting MassHealth for children and teens from low-income families.

In response to this need, Link House established the Children and Teen Center for Help or CATCH, providing a wide range of services for young people in crisis. 95% of the young people served by our growing practice have health insurance through MassHealth, and CATCH has been a lifeline for them, providing services that had been out of reach for them and their families.

We work closely with local schools, including Innovation High in Amesbury, where 90% of the children have been identified as high needs and 76% come from low income households. We also provide services in Amesbury High School, Amesbury Middle School, Cashman Elementary School (Amesbury), and River Valley Charter School (Newburyport). When CATCH clinicians are embedded in schools, it is easier for students to make and keep appointments, and teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders are more actively involved in care and support.

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